Night guard of Skyttehushaven

Night guard

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It all started with a little mystery. In the morning a night guard in Skyttehushaven Park noticed that someone stole one of the benches from the park's pavilion. 

When the night guard didn't have any more benches with the small size  inscriptions, it was replaced with a bench with a larger size inscription. 

But then every morning he noticed that more and more strange mysteries were happening. The inscriptions on the statues disappeared, new birds in cages appeared, different strange plants started growing in the garden and other strange mysteries started happening. 

Suddenly one morning the following inscription appeared on the stone: "If you do not find all the objects that have changed during the night, the transformation will continue. It will spread.  First it will start with the park, then will spread in all Vejle, then all over Denmark, until the whole world will change - and one day all world will disappear completely  ... ” 

Your mission is it to become a night guard,to find all the transformations that happened at night and save our world.


Start Location: Skyttehushaven, Vejle, 55.709392160470166, 9.564689151861064

End Location: Skyttehushaven, Vejle

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