Detective story in Copenhagen

Detective story

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19.century Copenhagen. Imagine that you have a good friend Anders, he is an agronomist.  Anders works as a chief gardener at the Royal Palace. The king has given him an important task - to plant the unique plant that no other king in the world has, and Anders completed this task with honor. He planted a unique and very expensive plant in the palace garden. Next morning the palace reached misfortune -  the plant was stolen. King is very, very angry and wants to punish Anders.  

Luckily Anders has you. You have a chance to be a part of a detective story and save Anders from punishment. Your mission is to help him to find the plant by completing different exercises through the city.

Start Location: 55.698414438222635, 12.6001954350734, Copenhagen, Denmark

End Location:Rosenborg Castle, 1350 Copenhagen, Denmark



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