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Free of charge historical quest in Uldum city

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Uldum city. When you are living in a small city very often you get used to the surroundings and dont notice anymore the things which make your city unique. Every city has its own unique history which has strings far away in the past. We will open a time portal for you but only for a few hours and you will have a chance to return to the past. You will have a chance to see the history of the city through the different interesting facts about famous locations. In the end of the Quest please remember to close the time portal.  

Start Location: Plejehjem Nedergården, Uldum

End Location: Åbrinken 53, Uldum

P.S. Charge your phone or take your powerbank device with you.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Before the game, check if you have a link to the game
  • Put on comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Take a drink with you if needed
  • Bring a raincoat or umbrella
  • Take a good mood with you :)



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